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Late Sri. B. M. Sreenivasaiah

Founder, BMS Educational Trust

Late Sri. B. S. Narayan

Donor Trustee, BMS Educational Trust

Sri. B M Srinivasaiah was a renowned philanthropist, educationist and a great visionary who realized the importance of technical education even before the country got Independence. His vision led to the establishment of first private Engineering College (BMSCE) in the state. He was honoured by the king of Mysore with the title “Dharma Prakasha Raja Karya Prasaktha”, for his phenomenal contribution in the field of education.

The Legacy he began is upheld by his inheritors and they continue to follow his ideals in imparting quality education and promoting state of the art research.

After the demise of Sri B .M Srinivasaiah, his illustrious son, Sri B. S Narayan, took over the reigns of the college. Under his guidance, the institution was moulded to be one of the finest in the country.

He also established many other institutions to promote Higher Education. He was a key person to initiate international collaborative programs such as training foreign students under the International Co-operative Division, cross cultural program with Melton Foundation, USA.

Founder's Vision

“Promoting prosperity of mankind by augmenting human resource capital through quality education and training.”